Renovating an Oxfordshire Farmhouse

Who ❤️’s property 🏡❓❓❓❓❓❓

Since I was 18 (a long time ago 😂) I have invested in property, I’ve always been fascinated with it 🏡

6 years ago I bought a very derelict building, took me 12 months to renovate, and I ❤️’d every minute of it!!!

I was on site every day and on some days I had 50 builders on site and I was the tea lady 😂

I converted a 7 bed farmhouse into a 5 bed (I used 3 bedrooms for a master suite!) luxury property, consisting of cinema room, gym, home office, luxury shop style dressing room, play room.

I didn’t get stressed one bit, even when we went through about 3 contractors with a flooded cellar / cinema room!

I’m desperate to build something again, but I built my dream home, in my home town, so no other plots compare!

Interested to know who else is interested in property??? What do you ❤️ about it??

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