Property Investment in Oxford

Are you thinking of or are you already a seasoned property investor and are looking to expand your portfolio within the Oxford area?

Property is one of the best asset classes to invest in, due to the capital appreciation over the long term.

Is property investment in Oxford something you have been considering for a while but yet top have taken the leap?

Michelle can offer you expert advice on a diverse range of factors regarding property investment.

Take a look at Michelle’s property investment services here.

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MN Bespoke Property Investment

MN Bespoke Property Investment itself caters solely to the luxury market and the high-net-worth customer.

Each client – often a busy business owner – receives an ‘all-inclusive’ service which aims to alleviate the stresses and strains that often come with dealing with multiple companies at once.

From raising finance and sourcing investment properties to negotiating and of course, managing the full sales process.

We also refurbishes properties ready for renting, market rental properties to the right people and manages the entire process even after tenants have moved in.

Michelle’s comprehensive service is inclusive of property investment service, high net worth mortgages, luxury estate agency, relator and relocation service.

Her passion, expertise and exceptional customer service mean she is ideally placed to offer this tailored investment service.

Social media is a huge part of how we promote and advertise our services. Michelle has a range of social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook as well as her website.

We have a speedy and efficient mortgage calculator tool so you can get all the necessary information before you take out your mortgage.

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