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Oxfordshire Property Prices

Berinsfield in South Oxfordshire saw property prices increase faster than anywhere else in the county in the year to June 2021. The average home in the neighbourhood selling for around £410,000.

That was up by 47% from the average sale price of £278,000 the year before.

The average cost was also 64% more than the average house price of £250,000 in the year to June 2016. Furthermore, that is more than four times the £90,000 you would typically have paid in the area in the year to June 2001.

House prices in the ward still don’t come anywhere near the most expensive in Oxfordshire. This can be found in St Margaret’s in Oxford, where the average house sold for £890,000 in the year to June 2021.

Oxfordshire Property Prices – List of the most expensive areas of Oxfordshire is below:

Local Authority // Neighbourhood // Average income // Average house price // Difference

South Oxfordshire // Shiplake and Binfield Heath // £48,419 // £1,032,500 // 21.3

Oxford // Summertown // £47,552 // £800,000 // 16.8

South Oxfordshire // Benson and Crowmarsh Gifford // £38,887 // £560,000 // 14.4

Oxford // North Central Oxford // £70,733 // £944,950 // 13.4

Oxford // Grandpont and New Hinksey //£41,053 // £550,000 // 13.4

South Oxfordshire // Sonning Common and Kidmore End // £44,736 // £587,498 // 13.1

A house in one neighbourhood in the Didcot Ladygrove area of South Oxfordshire – the most affordable area in Oxfordshire property prices- could be bought for just 4.7 times the average household income. There, the average net household income is an estimated £62,826 a year, and the median house price is just £295,000.


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