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Michelle, most famously known for her Season 12 debut The Apprentice, is an award-winning property investment expert, regular contributor on Sky TV’s Property Question Time and Property Elevator, columnist in the Oxford Times, Money Pages, Property Insider, What Mortgage and Estate Agent Today and host of the successful podcasts, “Michelle’s Property Corner”, “Niziol Bespoke Property Matters” and “Michelle Means Business”.

On top of this, she owns and manages the IMS Property Group and Michelle Niziol Ltd., a group of five property investment and management companies in Oxfordshire; all of which strive to achieve one goal; to help her clients (from first-time buyers to experienced investors), achieve their property dreams. Whether it is to buy your first home, expand your property empire, or simply earn enough steady income to retire, Michelle has made it her business to get you there!

“One of the greatest joys I get from work is being able to look my clients in the eye and say, ‘Congratulations, you’re retired!’” – Michelle

Starting as a 12-year-old selling goods at weekend market stalls and car boots, Michelle quickly learned that she had a deep passion building and running her own business. This independent streak drove her to work three jobs and save for her first house by age 18, quickly followed by her first BTL property the following year. A few years later she started her first brokerage firm and the rest is history!

Michelle loves property, but at the heart, what she loves most is working with people, freeing them from the financial stresses that many in today’s economy find themselves in.

Each week tune in to Niziol Bespoke Property Matters, the U.K.’s top source of property tips for landlords, property professionals and institutional investors. Throughout the course of this show, we will cover top industry strategies and insights for property owners to manage and grow their portfolio, while avoiding the pitfalls that can lead to profit losses.

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Two decades after the toxic material was banned, asbestos still kills over 5,000 Brits per year. With more than 500,000 buildings in the UK still carrying this deadly substance, this proves to be a significant problem that will not go away without major effort.
This is where Ian Stone & Neil Munro of Acorn Asbestos come in!

With over decade of experience each in asbestos detection and removal, Ian and Neil have grown to become two of the leading industry experts in their field and they show no signs of slowing!

In this episode, Ian & Neil walk us through how they ended up in their chosen career and how they found passion in helping clear our country of asbestos, saving countless lives in the process.
Listen they give us key tips and insights on how to ensure that you and your family are protected in your home.

Facebook: @acornas
Instagram: @neil_munro_


In my second episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with nationally-renowned multi-millionaire investor, property developer and motivational speaker Neville Wright.

Born in June, 1950, Neville was the youngest of three children to Arthur and Winifred Wright. He grew up in Peterborough and has remained in the area to this present day.

Unbeknownst to him or his family at the time, Neville was a dyslexic in his younger years.  This led to him having a tough time throughout school. This caused him to leave at age 15, without even knowing how to write his own name!

From this point, Neville held a string of odd jobs throughout the early seventies; doing window-cleaning, roof-painting, until he became redundant in 1974. This once again, left him and his young wife and child penniless. It was at this point that Neville and his wife Marylin decided to invest in themselves and start their own business, maintaining houses in his local neighbourhood, a company which through word-of-mouth only, grew into a thriving operation with over a dozen staff, which he then expanded into buying and flipping his own houses.

“I had became a millionaire by the time I was 34, and now aged 68, when most people would have retired I am a mentor and motivational speaker encouraging others to believe in themselves and helping them to get everything they want in life.”

Together we discussed Neville’s journey from a self-employed window cleaner, to owner of a multi-million pound investment portfolio, as well as delved into some of his top strategies for making the most out of your UK property investments during this turbulent time.

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of Niziol Bespoke Property Matters and as always…

Happy Investing!

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