High Net Worth Mortgages


High Net Worth Mortgages with Michelle

Many high-net-worth individuals have in the past struggled to obtain a mortgage with high-street lenders, usually because of their irregular source of income.

Their complex finances are often made up of multiple income streams, foreign currency income or multiple assets. This must be considered to leverage the application, all of which are outside the comfort zone of most lenders.

Some individuals may hold their wealth in trust or inheritance and it is highly possible some have no income at all. Having no monthly paycheck needn’t be a negative implication on your mortgage application.


We have access to the entire market and an extensive network of lenders to ensure we can negotiate the best possible mortgage deal for our clients. Our contacts range from high street lenders to private banks, making sure we leave no stone unturned.

Michelle, understanding the importance of such complicated finances, is dedicated to use this to her client’s advantage- to negotiate the best high value mortgage.

Book an initial consultation with Michelle, the initial consultation will last 15 minutes and Michelle with then devise a plan on how to move your high het worth mortgage & property investment plan forward.

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