Michelle talks to Women in Business about her success

Michelle is a seasoned entrepreneur, former contestant on the Apprentice, and a working mother. She has worked in the finance and property industries for more than a decade, founding IMS Mortgage Solutions in 2005, and expanded her business to provide a comprehensive property solution with IMS Property Group.

She talked to Women in Business to explain what motivates her to keep pushing every day.

“When you love what you do, you can have it all.”
I own a rapidly expanding business, in addition to being a wife and mother (with another child on the way). The secret to my success is that I love what I do and because of this, I can ‘have it all’.

“Forget about what you see as a disadvantage and focus on what makes you great.”
I attribute my success to focussing on my strong points and keeping positive. I have never seen being a woman in a field dominated by men as a disadvantage. If you start thinking like that, you’ve already failed. But the focus back on yourself, what you want out of life and what you want to be successful in, and your focus will drive your success.

“You have to be flexible.”
I don’t see work as a job, and that is how I keep things balanced. It’s also what I teach my staff. Sports days, Christmas concerts, summer concerts, it doesn’t matter: it’s critical that you spend time out and do things as a family. You have to be flexible. I don’t put career or family first unless there is an emergency, and this works very well. I just see it as my life, and I get to enjoy every part of it.”