Michelle Means Business

Michelle, most famously known for her Season 12 debut The Apprentice, is an award-winning property investment expert, regular contributor on Sky TV’s Property Question Time and Property Elevator, columnist in the Oxford Times, Money Pages, Property Insider, What Mortgage and Estate Agent Today and host of the successful podcasts, “Michelle’s Property Corner”, “Niziol Bespoke Property Matters” and “Michelle Means Business”.

On top of this, she owns and manages the IMS Property Group and Michelle Niziol Ltd., a group of five property investment and management companies in Oxfordshire; all of which strive to achieve one goal; to help her clients (from first-time buyers to experienced investors), to achieve their property dreams. Whether it is to buy your first home, expand your property empire, or simply earn enough steady income to retire, Michelle has made it her business to get you there!

While Michelle is accomplishing all of this, she is also raising two beautiful children, her 8 year-old son Zack and new-born daughter Isabella, at home and is determined not to let her sky-rocketing career get in the way of her being the mother they deserve. In fact, one of the most frequent questions that Michelle gets from her friends and family is “How do you do it all?”

Learn Michelle’s secrets and more on Michelle Means Business, a podcast that covers all things women; including work, family, and what it takes to build a successful career and fulfilling life, all on your own terms. Listen as Michelle discusses her own strategies and tips for keeping her work/life balance, as well as interviews other leading women in business for the insights that their journey has taught them.

“While not always easy, striving for a healthy work-life balance is key to a happy and fulfilled life.” – Michelle

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Episode 1: Interview with Gill Oliver – National Journalist

If you’re looking for an example of a dedicated, passionate journalist who loves her career, look no farther than Gill!

With over 20 years of experience in journalism, Gill Oliver is seen as one of the country’s leading journalists specialising in business, tech and property.

She’s written for many newspapers, magazines and digital publications including The Daily Mail’s This is Money, The Bureau for Investigative Journalism/Bureau Local, The Press Association, The Huffington Post, Woman magazine, Showhouse magazine and The Oxford Times and Oxford Mail newspapers.

She’s also written website content, blogs, case studies and features for clients in the agency, corporate and public sector, such as the Department for Education/UCAS’s Exam Results Helpline, the Conran Design Group, Kingfisher City Guides, Oxford University Hospitals Trust, Selfridges department store and the Woolwich Building Society.

Learn how Gill was able to balance building a thriving career, while raising her two sons Matt and Dom. Gill is a perfect example of how to have it all, career and family!

Episode 2: Interview with Riham Satti – Co-Founder & CEO of MeVitae

On this episode of Michelle Means Business, I had the pleasure to interview Riham Satti, a female clinical neuroscientist turned entrepreneur in a male-dominated start-up field. She is the co-founder and CEO of MeVitae, a cognitive recruiting system that makes intelligent and personalised hiring decisions.

The way Riham sees it, the future of employment will be more and more humans being replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), but she believes in a world where machines and people work together – Augmented Intelligence (IA) because two heads are better than one!

Following this, Riham and her team have spent several years building cutting-edge data-driven cognitive solutions to put more efficient and effective decision-making at their clients and partners fingertips.

“Our aim is to solve the world’s biggest employment challenges, from increasing workplace diversity to talent acquisition – to be a force for breaking glass ceilings and closing the tech skill gap to accelerate innovation.” – Riham Satti

Throughout this episode we discuss Riham’s reasons for starting MeVitae, the future of her company and career and how she manages to balance her skyrocketing career while still taking time for herself.

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