How to Balance Work and Family over the Christmas Holidays

Christmas is coming, and for most people, it’s a time for rest and relaxation. That’s not the case if you are a small business owner, though: running a business means very little time off. Keeping my business running while spending time with my family was always challenging for me over the holiday season. How in the world was I meant to keep deals moving, do all the Christmas shopping, and spend quality time with my family? The to-do list was simply too long.

 That was when I realised that I needed to work smarter, not harder. By integrating my home and work schedules and taking advantage of time around meetings and school pickups, I found the time to be completely present with my family. Sound daunting? Take a look at my best tips for balancing home and work life over Christmas below.

 Keep a Positive Attitude
I’ve found that the key to ‘having it all’ boils down to believing in yourself. Before you scope out your plan for balancing work and family over the holiday season, it’s essential to believe that you can do it. I’ve never met a person who couldn’t do anything that they really set their mind to; but believing in yourself is the first step.

 Keep Your Schedule Flexible
Holidays mean plenty of work. It might seem impossible to get everything done with a limited amount of time in your schedule. This is the time to start integrating your to do list. Have a client meeting close to a shop that sells the perfect present? Swing by before or after your meeting. Scheduling meetings as close to your errands as possible is a great way to integrate work and life around the holidays.

 Communicate with Your Clients
Communication is always key when it comes to clients, especially when time off is concerned. Create your strategy early (at least a week before you plan to take a holiday), and let your clients know when you will be off, and how often you’ll be checking emails. Let your clients know that you are available via your mobile for urgent queries or emergencies, so they know how to get in touch with you just in case something goes awry. Setting expectations early is the secret to keeping client relationships running smoothly. A built-in benefit of the holidays is that it is very likely that your clients will want to spend time with their families as well, so don’t worry that your phone will be ringing off the hook all day long.

 Work When You are Most Productive
As a small business owner, you’re never really off the clock, so you’ll need to set aside time each day to check emails and make sure that things are running smoothly. In order to stay as focused as possible, schedule your ‘working time’ during the time of the day when you are most productive. You’ll accomplish more, which means you won’t feel guilty when you take time out to be with your family.

 Be Fully Present During Family Time
Finally, when you spend time with your family, make sure that you’re really listening. Put phones and emails away completely. I find that staying present and feeling like I have had real family time is easiest when we are away from the house, rather than just watching TV together. I feel like I have really had the time to appreciate my family, and being away from other distractions keeps me focused on spending time with the people in my life who matter.


This article was featured by The Talented Ladies Club.