Property Portfolio Planning

Comprehensive consultation and planning services to develop a tailored strategy for building and growing your property portfolio

Property Portfolio Planning

Having built a multi million property portfolio since the age of 18, Michelle has the knowledge, skills and expertise to help you build a profitable property portfolio.

The key features of property portfolio planning are:

  • Thorough assessment of client goals, financial resources, and risk tolerance.
  • Customised portfolio diversification strategies to optimise returns and minimise risk.
  • Long-term planning to accommodate future growth and market fluctuations.
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Property Search and Acquisition

Michelle can help with identifying, evaluating and property acquisitions that align with your investment objectives and the goals of the portfolio expansion.

The benefits of working with Michelle on finding and acquiring your properties are:

  • Access to exclusive listings and off-market opportunities.
  • Analysis of property fundamentals, market trends, and potential for rental income or capital appreciation.
  • Negotiation support and guidance throughout the purchase process.
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Financial Analysis and Modeling

In-depth financial analysis and modelling to assess the feasibility and potential returns of property portfolio investments.

Using expertise in financial analysis and modeling, Michelle can help with:

  • Cash flow analysis to project rental income, expenses, and net returns.
  • Sensitivity analysis to evaluate the impact of different scenarios and market conditions.
  • Investment performance metrics such as internal rate of return (IRR) and return on investment (ROI) calculations.
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Portfolio Optimisation and Management

Continuous ongoing monitoring and optimisation of the property portfolio is imperative to maximising your returns and to help mitigate risks.

Michelle will help you to:

  • Regular portfolio reviews and performance evaluations.
  • Strategic adjustments based on market trends, changing investment goals, and risk appetite.
  • Implementation of tax-efficient strategies and cost-saving measures.
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Exit Strategies and Portfolio Liquidation

Guidance and support in developing exit strategies and effectively managing portfolio liquidation when necessary.

Key areas where Michelle can guide:

  • Evaluation of various exit options such as selling individual properties, portfolio restructuring, or 1031 exchanges.
  • Timing and execution of exit strategies to optimise returns and minimise tax implications.
  • Assistance in reinvesting proceeds to achieve continued portfolio growth.
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Market Research and Due Diligence

With over 20 years in property market, Michelle has comprehensive knowledge in market research and due diligence services to support informed decision-making in property portfolio investments.

Michelle will help with:

  • Analysis of macroeconomic trends, demographic shifts, and real estate market dynamics.
  • Property-specific due diligence including inspections, title searches, and environmental assessments.
  • Identification of emerging opportunities and potential challenges in target markets.
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