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As external forces impact markets across the world, we ask the question – is the UK a good place to invest in property?

1 ) Regeneration

Regional UK cities like Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds are currently flourishing. With london prices rapidly increasing over the last decade, recent years have seen investors looking outside of the capital for more fruitful alternatives. This has directly contributed to incredible developments set to improve connectivity (such as H2).

2 ) Generation Rent

This concept is in full swing across the UK, directly appealing to investors that want a long term portfolio. Nearly 4/10 millennials are still privately renting at the age of 30, while nearly 1/3 of the wider generation expecting to renting well into retirement.

3 ) A Stable Alternative

Even despite recent challenges, the UK property market remains a stable alternative for many investors. A global survey towards the end of last year revealed 85% of respondents invested in property still invest in UK property despite the political and economic uncertainty.

4 ) UK Quality Healthcare

According to a survey, COVID-19 has redically changed tenant priorities and high quality Heath are is now the second most important reason for a property move. This has put the UK at the top 3 most desirable locations in the world alongside Spain and France!

5 ) UK Tech Leads the Way

The UK’s technology sector have always been one of the strongest in the world and continues to contribute to the wider economy. During the entirety of 2018, venture capital investment into the uk topped £6 billion – the highest in Europe.

So, the UK is still a thriving place for investment!