Palmer House, Graven Hill

We have a really exciting investment opportunity for all property investors!

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Michelle personally handles each and every stage of the property search or sale with the upmost competence and discretion.


With Michelle’s wealth of knowledge of the property market and the local area she was able to find, negotiate a better purchase price and arrange my mortgage and insurances, all without me breaking into a sweat.

Mrs. Wellstood

If I’ve one regret, it’s that I didn’t speak to Michelle a decade ago.

Mr. Viney

As willing but absolute newbies to the rental market Michelle's services were perfect. We have been so lucky to benefit from her expert advice and experience. Looking back would we do it again? Absolutely yes.

Mrs. Atkinson

Property Investment

Compared to other investment vehicles such as stocks and shares, property is one of the best asset classes to invest in.

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High Net Worth Mortgages

The navigation process of a High Net Worth Client requires a pliant and personal approach catering for each particular need and specification.

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Comprehensive Service

It started simply as a property portfolio business but soon organically flourished into a fully-fledged and multifaceted property service.



Offering a tailored investment and management service to help you source your ideal property.



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